What is EAST?

EAST (Environmental and Spatial Technology) is an educational model that provides new ways of learning for modern students. EAST focuses on student-driven service projects accomplished with the use of teamwork and cutting-edge technology. EAST schools are equipped with classrooms containing state-of-the-art work-stations, servers, software and accessories, including GPS/GIS mapping tools, architectural and CAD design software, 3D animation suites, virtual reality development and more. Students identify problems in their local communities and then find ways to use these tools to develop solutions.

For more info on the cutting-edge work EAST’s students are doing for their communities, please visit our official site: EASTinitiative.org


2 Responses to What is EAST?

  1. Allison Gee says:

    Can you please send me the criteria or qualifications needed to get into an EAST lab class in Middle School. Also, if a child is in the program in middle school and has 98% every year and from 6th-8th grade and participated as 1 of 6 at the EAST convention should he automatically be approved in high school if he chooses EAST as his elective?

    • Matt Dozier says:

      Thank you for writing! Each school sets their own criteria for students participating in EAST, but they sign assurances that their selections will represent the depth and breadth of the student body.Each district sets its own policy on electives for students as well. In some cases either enrollment demand or elective availability can make it difficult for a school to schedule every student into the classes they request. In some cases a student’s other class load limits their ability to choose some electives. I would encourage you to talk with your local principal or EAST facilitator about how they select students to participate in EAST. It is our hope that every student can take EAST and gain the benefits that the program offers.

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