Forge IDEA Challenge

Editor’s Note: The following a guest blog by Darrell Henderson of Forge Arkansas, organizers of the Forge IDEA Challenge. I’ll let him tell you a bit about this unique contest and the concepts behind it and hope EAST students will take up the challenge:

Darrell Henderson

Darrell Henderson, Forge Arkansas

The world of startup businesses is highly caffeinated, rapidly paced, and maneuvers aggressively toward bold and decidedly innovative solutions. What would the startup sphere look like if it transplanted the most inventive thinkers to the moon?

The Forge IDEA Challenge is a startup competition that asks students exactly that, and will inspire them to “Innovate Under Extraordinary Circumstances!”

The Challenge

The Forge IDEA Challenge places 11th and 12th grade EAST students in the northeast Arkansas area on the moon in 2035. At this time the moon has been the target of a popular Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that allowed players to control lunar rovers as characters to engineer a sub-surface human habitat. Now, after five years, the top 50 most innovative players have the opportunity to live in the lunar base they have worked so hard to create.

As part of the challenge students build a startup that solves a problem on the moon. They work through the lean canvas model to identify and develop a plan to execute a solution. There are several real-world takeaways from this fictional world that give just the right kick in the pants to send these students on the fulfilling path to entrepreneurship.

  • Experience Startup Culture – The startup culture is unique and high octane. A taste of this exciting world would inspire a career as a serial entrepreneur.
  • Encounter Challenges in Entrepreneurship – Getting your hands dirty in the challenges that arise for startups is an excellent experience.
  • Network with Entrepreneurial Students – The Forge IDEA Challenge connects students from all over the northeast Arkansas area and requires them to collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Where, When, and How?

The Forge IDEA Challenge will be in the new Nettleton High School STEM wing, on October 3rd.  We are looking for Innovators, Developers, Entrepreneurs, and Artists (IDEA) who want to explore the startup world. We are limiting participation to 50 students for the first year, and students can apply at


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