Innovation Hub gaining STEAM

In 2014, the EAST Initiative began an exciting partnership with the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub. We were proud to be part of the beginning of this effort as the Hub is exciting and techy and such a great place for students (of all ages). It has an energy that we are SO familiar with….and it’s cool! Today’s guest blogger is Errin Dean, Programming, Events and Membership Director at the Hub, and this is just another step in the story of how good people working together can create opportunities none of us could do individually.

Errin Dean Innovation Hub

Errin Dean
Innovation Hub

The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub is excited to announce our platforms for education, school field trip schedule, after school workshops, summer camp opportunities and membership levels.

The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub’s Launch Pad houses a Community Resource Learning Laboratory. We provide tools, infrastructure, knowledgeable mentors, facility and time to learn. Our mission is focused on open-ended and hands-on learning based on the concept of platform education. Our platforms support a variety of disciplines and skills that apply to real world challenges. Nurturing and inspiring curiosity will always result in knowledge. We believe curiosity is the most important tool for learning.

Our mission statement is to be the bridge that connects schools, museums, libraries and ar hubindustries. Schools are the gardens of our population, museums are the fountain of inspiration, libraries are the seeds of information, industry is the support of generations and we are the tools of application. We can work together to grow the future of our world.

The Hub has some wonderful after school workshops available starting in February. They are offered from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons for ages 10-17.

Tuesdays  – “All About Electricity”
An open-ended exploration of electricity, electronics and complex circuits. Learn the rules and components required to repair, design and build electronics. After learning the basics, get hands-on with projects from simple switches to radio controlled aircraft.

Wednesdays – “Computer Tech”
Everything in the 21st century begins with computers. From coding and programming to exploring space, you can do it all from behind a computer terminal. Video games, computer aided design, networking, video/music editing; computer skills are powerful tools for discovering and exploring the world.

Thursdays – “Fab Lab”
Take the skills you learn in electronics and computing and make things. 3D printing, computer controlled laser cutters, sewing machines, screws, glue and thread. Materials combine with one another to create the inventions that you design. From fashion to function, learn to make the things you dream.


Innovation Hub Field Trips
Field trips may be scheduled Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Our workshops are customizable according to age and curriculum and are built on our four main platforms: Electricity, Computers, Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing and Fabrication. We believe understanding a concept begins with understanding each component of that concept. There is no better way to learn than hands-on application. Our tools and equipment bring concepts to life. Our laboratory is your classroom, from mathematics to physics and simple machines to computers. Please contact me for more information at

Picture2Summer in the Hub will be filled with young makers (ages 8-10), makers (ages 11-13) and the crucible teens (ages 14-16). We are so excited to offer camps focusing on our four major platforms. Please visit our website for more information on dates and pricing

Come see us at the Hub! We are happy to give you a tour and discuss membership opportunities. Our levels cover a variety of options including senior, student, business and weekend options. We look forward to seeing you and having fun with innovation!

Thanks Errin. I know the Hub is getting ready to shine bright and I encourage anyone interested to take advantage of the opportunities to learn and network with like-minded, exciting people.

EAST is honored to be a part of the Hub. They’re cool, cool kids!

Until next time….

I’m Matt and that’s that.

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