EAST CORE in Full Swing

Dondi Jackson, Senior Director of Curricular Integration

Dondi Jackson, Senior Director of Curricular Integration

EAST Core is in full swing, prepping new teachers for the up-and-coming 2013-2014 school year. With the addition of two new schools, a new EAST staff member and more Tier training, there’s been no time to catch our breath around the Ranch. However, EAST Core staff members wouldn’t have it any other way.

The first session of Tier II training took place in late June and the second is scheduled for later in July. While Tier I training consists of the “basics” of EAST Core, Tier II is a practical and in-depth professional development that allows Core teachers to build resources they will need to properly integrate EAST Core into their classrooms. EAST Core builds on the best practices of the standard EAST model by integrating significant project-based learning using sophisticated technology into STEM courses in participating high schools.

“I want our teachers and students to succeed,” said Lori Andrews, new EAST Core Coordinator. She was first introduced to EAST Core last year as one of the pioneer teachers for geometry in Star City, Ark. “I am very passionate about this program and its effectiveness to reach students. EAST Core helps students see the relevancy of math and science past the four walls of the classroom.”


Teachers represented from: Monticello High School, Star City High School, Malvern High School, Harrisburg High School and Hot Springs High School

The national education focus has turned to the Common Core State Standards and the coming Next Generation Science Standards built on a heightened understanding of the need to provide opportunities for students to become better communicators, problem solvers, and innovators.

“EAST Core seeks to empower both students and teachers,” said Rob Halla, an algebra teacher from Harrisburg High School in Harrisburg, Ark. “Not only in the academic learning process, but also, and simultaneously, in the immediate direction and improvement of their communities.”

2013 Tier II Session1EAST Core provides tools, resources, support, and a custom approach to participating schools, establishing a dynamic methodology to prepare students for competitive post-secondary studies and careers.

“We anticipate significant interest as we further develop and implement EAST Core and it begins to gain traction,” said Dondi Jackson, Senior Director of Curricular Integration for EAST Initiative. “It is going to be hard to keep a lid on this program. This is such an incredible approach.”

Written by: Lacey Brooks, with contribution from Dondi Jackson
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