Spring Semester EAST Style

Welcome back to school! The EAST staff took a little break while our schools were off, but we’re back now and working hard to support our schools and prepare for Conference and new school growth. To that end, here’s a brief look at what is coming up this spring.

1)    The EAST offices have undergone growth and restoration. It’s amazing what a new coat of paint and some fresh carpet can do. If you’ve been to the offices over the past several months you’ve seen this transformation start, but we are finally nearing completion. We’ve expanded offices and added a new suite for staff and are in the process of creating better facilitator space for tech training. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a while and are excited to see coming into focus now.

EAST Initiative Offices

EAST Initiative Offices

2)    We’re recruiting new schools! We will be formally announcing the new EAST CORE schools soon and are busy recruiting for standard EAST programs. Already this year we’ve had inquiries and discussions with dozens of schools and held one Vision Building Workshop related to the Arkansas Department of Education EAST grant. We’ll be hosting another workshop at the end of January in Springdale, Arkansas. If you know of any schools that might be interested in attending, they can find more information at http://bit.ly/13f3sZ6 . If they can’t attend this or just want to talk EAST, I can always be reached at matt@eaststaff.org .EAST Core

3)    We have a Conference coming up!  The last week of February will see the entire EASTverse land in Hot Springs, Arkansas for three days of excitement, education, and celebration. If you’ve not made plans to attend, please think about doing so; I’d like to introduce you to 2,000 of my best friends and some of the best students you can find anywhere on the planet.

4)    Technical training will get back into swing in the next few weeks, and we are already thinking about the Facilitator Seminar this summer.

I hope you’re rested up, because it’s time to get back to work. The EAST staff is doing just that. As you’re working this spring, please share your stories with us. We would love to feature them in this blog, on our website, or in an upcoming issue of EAST Quarterly. We’re glad to be back, and glad you’re here with us.



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