A Year in the Life of a New EAST Facilitator — Part VI

Paula Nixon

I find it hard to believe it’s already November. School has been extremely busy as usual. Where do I start? How about with EAST Night Out? Let’s just say that this was a big area of concern for me this month. It consumed every minute of my life it seems for weeks. I even dreamed about it! My plotter decided to take a siesta right before the big event. After spending an hour and a half on the phone with HP, they decided to send out a tech to fix it. It was up and running at 3:10 the day of the big event! Holy smokes!! Once the big night arrived, it went fairly well. I did learn one valuable lesson which was not to serve only cookies, candy and punch. Several of my students consumed way to much sugar. Let’s just leave it at that. Next year I think I will serve a veggie platter.

Two of my students attended the Virtual Reality Training and enjoyed it immensely. I also attended Phase II training where I had the chance to listen to other facilitators voice their frustrations and rejoice in their accomplishments. I enjoyed getting to hear what other facilitators were doing in their classrooms.

I had two students attend a luncheon at Who Dat’s (local Cajun restaurant) and speak to the Lions Club about our EAST program. They were very excited to get to do this. They said they felt very professional.

Overall, October has been a very busy month here at BKMS. I’m looking forward to a fast and furious November.

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