Point of View

Today’s post was written by Darren Waddles, Mountain View High School EAST student. This is what EAST is all about!

I went into EAST last year for the first time thinking it was just one of those computer tech classes that would look good on your resume. I was wrong; EAST is much more…it is an experience.

EAST is the get-up-and-go for kids to help others, work, and… improve their communities. My EAST program —which I must say is one of the hardest working in Arkansas — helped raise money for our local animal shelter, helped the Arkansas Game & Fish with Stream Team and even tried to give kids a chance to fly over our community with the help of our local airport, just to name a few of our projects.

EAST to me has become a complete game changer in the way I think. I used to just not care about what goes on around my city, but EAST made me want to be involved. I started off with helping out with the MVHS EAST website. I absolutely did not know anything about editing, fixing, making articles, or anything to do with a website. With the help of my facilitator, Mrs. Jackson, and the Internet, I taught myself how to do all this. This I must say was anything but simple!

I suppose you could call EAST a journey for each individual student — a journey were you find out what your goals are and where you are headed; and when you get started the obstacles appear. These obstacles conflict with the “want to”; but it is the obstacles that motivate us to keep on trucking. Once we have overcome our obstacles, the job becomes easier and our journey can end.

That is how I view EAST and all of our projects. EAST has affected my life extremely by teaching me skills such as answering the phone and talking to businessmen and women, and collaborating with others. (Such as when I collaborated with a man in Belgium to improve his Dooodl widget, which you can find on our website). http://www.mvschools.net/east/

I cannot express enough in words what EAST means to me. I believe if you have the “want to”, you will experience the beauty of this magnificent program that we know as EAST.

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