Countdown to Conference

This week’s blog post comes from Ethan Williams, an EAST student from Drew Central High School in Monticello, Arkansas and Co-Conference Ambassador Team Leader.

Hello and greetings from the 2011 National EAST Conference Ambassador Team! This year the Ambassador Team is set up a little differently. The team consists of two team leaders and 18 team members. Kaley Harlson, a junior from Harrisburg High School and I, Ethan Williams, a senior from Drew Central High School, will be heading up the team this year.

If you have been to EAST Conference in the past, then you have probably seen most of the Ambassador Team members around. Every member of the team is thrilled and privileged to have the opportunity to help make this year’s EAST Conference run smoothly.

The Ambassador Team’s duties at EAST Conference involve working the registration booth, helping with breakout sessions and generally helping anyone who needs assistance. At the recent team meeting, old friends were reconnected and new friends were made. The team was excited and anxious about the events to come.

Team members look forward to meeting as many of the other students at this year’s conference as possible. As usual the Ambassador Team will be leading the closing session, and we are working diligently on making it a very memorable one. So when closing session comes — be ready, because we have some surprises in store!

The goal of our team is to make this year’s EAST Conference the best in EAST history. We cannot wait until March 1, 2011!

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