Happy EAST Year!

Happy New Year and welcome back to the spring semester! The EAST staff has just come back from a well-deserved break, full of energy and purpose.

The fall semester saw us train over 60 new facilitators and 500 students; EAST staff put “feet on the ground” in over 150 schools; we assisted in the coordination of over 180 EAST Night Out Events, and that’s in addition to the day-to-day support work and training we do with schools and agencies on an ongoing basis. Not too shabby.

EAST programs: If you haven’t taken advantage of at least some of these opportunities, then have I got a deal for you…. The spring semester will feature more great opportunities for engagement and interaction and a whale of a celebration! Our EAST After Hours grant program is up and running, expanding the offerings of EAST in many communities. And of course the fast-approaching Annual EAST Conference offers our largest training venue of the year PLUS competitions, awards and a gala banquet.

Speaking of Conference, the entire EAST staff is turning its attention to this massive event. Can you believe we’re less than two months away?!?! So much to do and so little time, but I can promise you this… any time you can put two thousand EAST students in a room, the world gets a little better. I’d write more, but there’s lots of work to do. So until next time…


P.S. As it’s the time of year for personal improvement, I’ll let you in on my New Year’s Resolution: I intend to spend more and better time on EASTword, to share more of the exciting world of EAST with you. As with most things around here, I’m investigating some technical assistance to enhance my efforts in being more intentional and consistent in this. Wish me luck!

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