Camden-Fairview EAST Student Goes “Out of This World!”

This week’s blog post salutes the accomplishments of an exemplary EAST student, Tevin Wooten, of the Camden Fairview EAST program. Tevin has served on the EAST student leadership team at the Annual EAST Conference and recently completed video production training. He is taking advantage of the opportunities that programs like EAST provide for students to follow their dreams and make them reality.

Although he won’t be literally going out of this world, Tevin Wooten is getting pretty darn close. Tevin, an EAST student and upcoming senior at Camden Fairview High School, is dedicating his entire summer to NASA. Tevin joined the NASA Online Learning Community in August and engaged in various activities pertaining to NASA and STEM related events. He applied for an eight-week summer internship program in February, and soon after received a congratulatory e-mail of acceptance for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Tevin has actively been involved in the CFHS EAST program since 2008.  He is a self-motivated student who takes pride in working with his peers, teachers, school and community on various projects and activities. Tevin has been responsible for the development and implementation of Card Copy TV, the high school news station. He has taken on various roles such as editor, videographer, writer, reporter — anything required to complete the weekly television programs. As a result of his achievements, Tevin was chosen by EAST officials as a videographer for the 2010 EAST Conference. This fall he will help conduct an afternoon and Saturday video camp for students in grades 4-8.

At Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, Tevin will be conducting actual research with NASA employees. He says that “NASA is currently shifting gears between two different projects. I will be taking old research from past tests, re-analyzing it, and making improvements for the design of a newer space-craft.” Because a lot of information is classified, most cannot be shared. Tevin however would like to share this. “No matter how surreal your dreams may seem, ALWAYS chase them. They may lead you OUT OF THIS WORLD!”

Tevin with STS-131 Astronauts, left to right: Commander Alan G. Poindexter, Mission Specialist Stephanie D. Wilson, Tevin Wooten, Pilot James P. Dutton Jr., Mission Specialist Rick Mastracchio

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